Stories about Haunted Objects -2: The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man

I swear I used this image only because of the Haunted Objects written on the side. Pinky swear… (fingers crossed)

The Anguished Man is considered to be one of the most haunted objects in the world – right up with the celebrities Annabelle and the Dybbuk Box. Read ahead to know how and why.

Source: weekinweird

“Over twenty five years ago a friend of my Grandmother gave her an old oil painting called ‘The Anguished Man’. She told my Grandmother that the artist used his own blood mixed in with the oils and committed suicide shortly after finishing the painting. I have no way of confirming if this story is true or not, but my Grandmother passed the story down to me when she gave me the painting.

I really liked the painting, but because my wife didn’t like it I kept it in the cellar. After our cellar was flooded during a prolonged period of heavy rain I moved the contents of the cellar to my parent’s garage while the cellar dried out. When I got the painting back I decided to keep it in our spare bedroom on the third floor of our house. Shortly after we started to hear strange noises, loud unexplainable bangs and an odd scraping noise like someone scratching their nails on fabric.

When the painting was in the cellar our dog would not go in the cellar, she would just stand outside growling; now when it was upstairs she refused to go to the top floor despite the fact that she usually used to follow me everywhere.  At night we would often hear crying and sobbing noises. I suppose these noises could have come from outside the house, and it was suggested the crying could have been a cat outside, but they sounded like they came from within the house. I wasn’t duly alarmed at this point and put everything down to natural phenomenon, however I started to see the shadowy figure of a man in the house, it was always just in the corner of the eye or brief fleeting glimpses of a dark shape. Soon the rest of my family were seeing things too. It has also been suggested that because we all knew the history of the painting that we were all imagining these things, and I suppose that is a possibility, but at the time it felt very real.

As the weeks went by the noises got progressively worse, I even heard crying that seemed to be coming from inside our own bedroom, again it has been suggested that this could have been from a cat outside the window but I’ve heard the noises cats make and this sounded distinctively human. A few nights I woke up suddenly and saw the dark figure of a man standing at the foot of the bed. Could I have been dreaming? Again, this is a possibility, but at the time it felt very real. The figure had the appearance of a tall middle aged man but his features were unclear. I never actually felt afraid at this point just extremely curious. I wanted to find out what was happening. Was it just my imagination or was there something paranormal happening? We started to notice numerous cold spots around the house and we often had a strange feeling of being watched. I often felt like someone was standing directly behind me and heard whispers that seemed to be extremely close by.

One evening my wife had gone to bed early, she thought it was me getting into bed beside her but when she turned around she found herself staring into a strangers eyes. I heard her scream from downstairs and ran upstairs to find her extremely shaken up by the experience. She has since told me she may have had a very lucid dream but at the time she was convinced it had actually happened. After this experience my wife persuaded me to put the painting back in the cellar. Things settled down almost immediately but once again my dog refused to go anywhere near the cellar, when the painting was upstairs the dog would quite happily follow me into the cellar.

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After posting the videos on YouTube I attracted a lot of interest worldwide and several people asked me if I would consider setting a video camera up in an attempt to record some of the activity. I moved the painting back into the top bedroom and set up the video camera. I recorded for approx eight hours over three consecutive nights. After the first night I was convinced I had left the bedroom door open but in the morning it was closed so I changed the camera angle in order to record more of the bedroom because at first it had been focused solely on the painting. After spending several hours looking through all the footage I found I had recorded quite a lot of noises, most of them sounded like they came from outside the house and were easily explainable but a few were different. They sounded like they came from inside the bedroom. There was a strange scraping sound similar to the noises we had previously been hearing and the sound of a loud bang, like something falling but in the morning nothing was disturbed.”

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