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“One of my scariest experience it was, the story goes like this,

About 5–6 years ago, me and other 7–8 friends went to a village (don’t remember the name) to attend a friend’s wedding. The wedding ceremony tradition was scheduled around 9pm. The location was about 100kms from Ahmedabad, so we left around 6.30pm after our job and managed to reach there around 9.30pm (via ahmedabad-bagodara highway).

We all were quite hungry so we decided to take the dinner and then attend the ceremony, Indian wedding ceremonies generally takes some time, and it ended around 2am.

It was winter and the marriage ceremony was held at an open ground, it was quite cold. We decided to leave back to Ahmedabad as everyone had to attend their office/work next day.

We had two cars, one was a Mahindra SUV and second one was a Wagon-R. My friend was driving the SUV and I was driving Wagon-R keeping a safe distance. We all were aware of the freaking stories about that highway (accident stories, some people have also claimed to seen ghosts on that highway

After around 20–25 mins of drive the highway was surrounded by trees and only our two cars were going on the road, we had rarely seen 4–5 vehicles in those 25 mins. The road was something like below image.

We were driving at speed of 80–100, and suddenly me and my friend who was sitting in the co-driver seat seen something running from right-side of the highway and passed through the first car (just like we see in the superhero and horror movies). The SUV shook like it hit something huge. Though my friend who was driving that car didn’t stopped but slowed down the speed. In a matter of seconds my car also reached the exact spot and I too slow down the car to check what was it, me and my friend looked from the car windows but nothing was there.

I asked my friend to call another friend who was driving the SUV. He called him up and handed me the phone. I told him “do not stop the car, we will stop at next circle, to have some tea”.

In 20 mins we reached that circle.
The story does not end here, we started talking about what just happened.

Me to another driver friend: what happened?

He: Don’t know, that cat came from no-where and hit the car.

(Me and my another friend who was in my car gave a strange look to each other)

Me to my friend who was with me in the car: Tell him what we saw…

He to another driver friend: Dude, we saw a lady ran towards the car and she passed through the car, but when we reached there, she was vanished.

A dead silence it was and we all were looking at each other’s face, but no one has the explanation of what just happened to us.

That was so strange, we saw a lady and they saw a cat.

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On researching about the highway the author was traveling on, he came across the following:

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This happened around 5 years ago while I was returning from college. I was in the evening shift, and usually the last class ended at around 7PM. Home was quite far from the college. considering the Delhi traffic, it took me 1.5 to 2 hours to reach home.

But that particular day, friends called me to meet up, ended up having a couple of beers. I was still into my senses, just a quite feeling of happiness was there. I left at around 9:30 PM. Still it’d take an hour and a half to reach home.

I couldn’t get a direct bus as it was very late. So, I took another bus, which would leave me around 2km away from my home. I had to walk that distance, and there was a railway crossing in between. The other side of that crossing was shady and dark.

Tall trees very close to each other, hanging low. Bushy plants on the side of the road and no street lights. This road is very busy during the day but at night it felt like it’s straight from some horror movie.

Just the perfect for a horror story route

Anyway, I got down from the bus, and started walking and I was not minding my surrounding at all. The effect of beer was still there, I was lost in my happy thoughts.

Until I saw a figure just move in front of me crossing the road. “Who would cross a road from between the bushes at the middle of the night?” I thought.

I stopped at my place and saw that figure move deep into the bushes. I did not move until she went far. I felt suspicious but not afraid, I was drunk enough to not feel any fear at that moment.

I walked sluggishly keeping my gaze fixed at HER, but she was lost in the darkness. So I moved on and started walking at my usual pace, and I was again lost in my thoughts.

After walking some distance, a thought crossed my mind and unwillingly I turned back to see a dark figure (Her) walking towards me, she was far to say the least, maybe around half a kilometer. I could see her silhouette in the moonlight.

I turned around and started to walk again, this time briskly. I felt some fear. I looked back and this time she was much closer. Although she was not running or walking fast when I looked, she had covered a good distance. Now, all I wanted to do was to reach the railway crossing as soon as possible.

I had finally reached the crossing and felt a bit relieved, and just then I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I looked back to see the same girl. She was wearing a black kurti and jeans. Her face was blacker than coal and teeth whiter than milk. The contrast between her complexion and teeth was astounding. I noticed she was barefoot. And was constantly smiling. It was creepy as hell.

Exactly like her…

I froze there looking at her. My brain had stopped working and felt very light-headed. It all happened rapidly.

During all that I managed to ask “Kya hua? kya chahiye?

Translation : What happened? What do you want?

And out of the blue, she started murmuring “Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan.”

I know, it’s hard to believe something like this, but she did say all those names of the actors. As she started naming those actors, I shrugged her as some mental.

I turned back and started to walk away. I felt a huge force stopping me from moving. She had held my bag and was pulling me from behind. I was furious as well as terrified. The crossing gate was down, and I felt like she was taking over my body and wouldn’t let me go. I feared for my life.

I turned back and pushed her hard, shouted this time “KYA CHAHIYE TUJHE?”.

That’s when she said, “Mujhe maut chahiye.. maut.”

Translation: “I want death…death”

It was frightening to say the least, I thought I was gonna die that day being run over by the train. I thought she was some witch.

Somehow, I relieved myself from her grip and crossed the tracks. She followed me.

I noticed a man who happened to see all this. I ran over to him and asked, “Bhai, tujhe wo ladki dikh rahi hai?”.

Translation : Bro, can you see that girl?

He didn’t answer, and I could feel he just wanted to get away from me. I asked him again, but he kept quite. I could see the fear on his face and left him. He was as terrified as I was.

I looked again to see that she was no longer following me and was running full speed in the middle of the road. We were on the other side of the crossing and the street lights were on, so it wasn’t difficult to notice her. But I never found her.

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