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The story below is one of a bunch of stories shared by a girl from Pakistan with the Twitter handle @blurmynamepls. Her stories about jinn have become quite viral, and this is one of the weird stories shared by her. The original story is mainly in English but has a lot of Hindi/ Urdu words and hence I’ve translated it into my version as per my understanding. 

My mom used to teach in Shirin Jinnah (SJ) colony, Karachi, at a time when it was quite underdeveloped and most of it was empty plots. Shirin Jinnah colony is a predominantly Pukhtun (an Afghan ethnic group) neighbourhood. My mom’s a pure bred Pukhtun but she doesn’t speak the tongue, also at that time my had a somewhat British accent because she was brought up outside the country. However, coming back to the story, along with Mom, there was another teacher who used to live in SJ colony and walk there. As per what my mom told me, this teacher was one of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She was tall & strong, had lips and cheeks so pink & eyes beautiful blue eyes such that she didn’t need any makeup ever. Her name was Sila. Sila didn’t have many friends but she talked to my mom because she said my mom used to look like one of her own (Yes, my mother is also very pretty). So, one day while driving back from school, my mom saw Sila, who was usually one of the last to leave, walking on the side of the road. Since it was quite a deserted area, and even the sun was burning down, my mom got concerned for her and mom took the car by her side and rolled down the windows & asked – 

“Sila, main aapko kahi chod dun?” 

(Sila, can I drop you somewhere?)

At this point Sila stopped walking & turned, & my mom says her vision might have blurred because of the heat at this point, because she couldn’t see any face in the hijab, it looked like it was just a hollow where the face should have been. Then suddenly, Sila’s face swept in and she said – 

“Nahi, thik hai. Main yaha paas hi rehti hun.”

(No, it’s alright, I stay right here nearby)

This continued for a few days and over time my mom stopped asking as she felt Sila used to become quite anxious by it. However, one day my mom just couldn’t stomach this mystery anymore and drove by Sila right to the end of the road & looped back. However, when she turned back, there was no sign of Sila anywhere. There was absolutely no one on the road even. My mom got shocked! Where did Sila go? There was no place she could have hidden, nor could she have run somewhere. Mom had just seen her 30 seconds ago. She got afraid that Sila might’ve got into some harm and she parked the car by the side of the road and got down & started shouting – 



“Haa Memsaab?”

(Yes, Ma’am?)

Mom almost had a heart attack when she heard Sila’s calm voice from behind her.

“Mujhe jawab kyu nahi de rahi thi? Kaha se aayi? Kaha thi?”

(Why weren’t you answering me? Where did you come from? Where were you?)

“Yehi pe.” 

(Right here) 

Sila pointed to the side of the road. 

Mom gave her a stern stare as if she was her child. 

“Maine saara raasta chaan maara Sila. Tum kahi nahi dikhi muje.”

(I scanned the whole road, Sila. I didn’t see you)

Now remember I told you how my mother used to have a British accent. Sila replied back to her in the exact same voice & accent as my Mom’s – 

“I was right here. You didn’t see me.” 

Now this was unusual. No, not only the fact that she had literally vanished and reappeared out of thin air. But even that she could speak anywhere like mom because otherwise, she used to speak mostly like any other Pakistani girl. 

Mom finally gave up on asking her more & went back to her car. When she saw in the rearview mirror, she found Sila staring at the car, unmoving. My mom was unnerved and since then kept away from Sila & so did she. 

A few days later, there was a teacher’s farewell and they all decided to go out. Except for Sila. Why? Because she isn’t allowed by her family. Okay…an acceptable excuse, conservative family and all. They head out to a place near Bilawal house, have lunch and stuff and start leaving once the party was over. Now as my mom left for her car, she smelled something familiar by the gate of the restaurant, but she can’t recall what it is and then leaves. She’s at her car when she sees a shadow pass by, its not human, nor an animal. However, when she turns around to look, there’s nothing there. She opens the car door and again feels the shadow. She sits down and looks in the car, but there’s nothing. But that smell, she can smell it again now. She tries to remember it, but she can’t place it exactly, but just then, she recollects and knows exactly who’s it is …

(Tap, tap, tap…)

There’s a tap on the car window. It was a Pukhtun beggar boy. Mom rolls down the window to give him some money, but before she can, he starts speaking quickly in Pakhto, pointing to the back of the car. Mom can’t stop staring at him, he’s got very familiar eyes…, mom thinks. 

5 points for guessing where’s this pic from,

Mom then motions to him to stop and something like “Pukhto na raazi” which is something like I don’t speak Pukhto, I think. 

The boy then says, “Memsaab, gaadi mein bitha lo.”

(Ma’am, let me sit in the car)

Mom was flummoxed, but she laughs it off and offers him some money. But he shakes his head and repeats again what he said. When Mom got annoyed and rolled up her window, HE OPENS THE DOOR AND SITS INSIDE. 

Mom goes all ballistic and shouts – 



Saying this, she starts pressing the horn loudly to attract people and the kid looks at her with piercing blue eyes and quietly says –

“I was right here, you didn’t see me.”

Exactly in my mom’s voice and accent. 

Saying this, he gets out of the car & leaves. I don’t know how my mother sat in the car after that, if I’d been there, I would’ve just rammed the car into a wall or left it there and just ran all the way home. 

Anyways, my mom thought the boy was part of some thief gang, before he made that statement. Once he left, she realized the smell had gone too. However, right then, she takes her phone out & dials Sila, but gets no answer. (I know the woman is crazy(read: brave)). She keeps calling but there’s no answer. Mom recites her duas (prayers) and drives home. She contacts some priestly elder and tells him everything. He teaches her some more duas (prayers) for protection and assures her that she won’t be harmed. Mom goes the next day all set to go all FBI on Sila, but she learns that Sila has resigned. Now my mom is highly scared. She confides in the principal but the principal dismisses it all saying it’s my mom’s delusion. 

My mom keeps a trusted taxi driver after that instead of driving herself. Fast forward a week and she’s in a taxi at the Shireen Jinnah roundabout when a kid, yep, the same kid, comes and taps on her window, smiles and says –

“Daro mat mujh se SISTER. Ab nai daro”

(Don’t be scared of me, Sister. Don’t be scared now) 

Saying this, he left. Yes, a 7 year old called my mom sister. 

Now, I want you all who are reading this to go on Google & search “Who are Sila”. Do it during the day, or else you might lose your sleep like I did. 

Last thing, my phone Blacked Out for 2 whole minutes while writing this, it didn’t hang, but the screen just went Black AND THAT’S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

This was her story. There’s an extension to this, that’s my personal part – me, as in Ashish. I’m gonna give the clichéd Disclaimer now. 

“I swear I’m not making this up.”

Ok, so this is not something like Drop-your-spoon or Lose-your-sleep scary but it’s weird to say the least. 

I was researching scary stories about jinn while having lunch today. I came across the above story and after reading it, obviously I got curious and googled Sila. I read some of it, & when I was done with lunch, I got back to work.

There were a couple of new clients coming in to meet me & I started discussing business with them. At one point, they turned to each other & one of them asked the other – 

“Don’t you think this product would be perfect for Sila?”

“WHAT!!! What did you say, for whom?”, I interrupted. 

“For Sila company. It’s a company we supply to.” They replied.

“Do you mean Sula?” I clarified. 

“No no, its Sila.”, they said.


Go Google It. 

June 30, 2023 Update.

This story was published in Dec 2019.

I pitched to a company for almost a year starting from Dec 2020.

Almost after giving up, out of nowhere, I got a call from them in Dec 2021.

I worked extensively with them, almost doubling my revenues, until Dec 2022.

The name of that company is, as you might have guessed, SILA.

A Summoning

Source: discerninguser @ YourGhostStories

This is a real life incident about a relative, who dabbled in the black arts and paid a very heavy price for it. My sister was married to a Muslim guy and his aunt was highly interested in mastering certain practices mentioned in the Koran, which if done correctly can allegedly give you a lot of powers.

Muslims believe in the concept of Jinns, which are powerful supernatural entities and there are good as well as bad jinns. There are Suras (chapters) in the Koran which outline the procedure for capturing and enslaving these jinns. Apparently it is a very dangerous procedure as it has to be performed by the person when he / she is alone and the complete procedure stretches over several days, for a few hours each day. 

Obviously the jinns are not very happy when a person tries to perform this ritual and they will try their best to scare that person. Getting scared and/or leaving the procedure half-way through is one of the worst things one can do, as failure to complete it will lead to the death of the person or result in him/her becoming mad or possessed. Therefore only a brave hearted person, who has enough faith in himself and God should ideally attempt this.

Even after the ritual is successfully completed and the person has managed to capture a Jinn, he/she has to exert a lot of control as otherwise the Jinn can turn against its master and kill him/her. One has to read the Namaaz five times a day, keep Roza (fast) and observe other strict religious disciplines to keep the Jinn in control. The Jinn will implicitly obey its master and do whatever is asked of it. As it is a supernatural being, the master will no doubt become a very powerful and rich person, but he/she is expected to use the powers for the benefit of others.

All this I have learned from my Muslim friends and I hope my other Muslim readers can verify what I have mentioned here.

Coming back to my story, this lady (my brother-in-law’s aunt) was somehow fascinated with this ritual about controlling jinn and wanted to perform it. All this happened 30-35 years ago, when she was quite young and nobody knows why she wanted to get involved in something so dangerous. Maybe her youth and naivety made her oblivious to the risks or she was bored and wanted to do something exciting… Or maybe she craved for the powers that would be hers once she completed the ritual. 

Whatever the reason, she did not inform her husband, as he would have certainly forbidden her, and she practicing it daily when her husband was away for work. At first, it went smoothly, but gradually she started encountering paranormal phenomena such as seeing shadows and hearing whispers all around her, smoke or mist pouring in from everywhere and shrouding her, unbearable changes in temperature both hot and cold etc. Though she was frightened out of her mind, she continued her pursuit until she crossed the point of no return, when these events intensified. She started seeing demons all around and hearing their frightful screams and whispers. To cut a long story short, one day she could bear it no more and fainted out of fright in the middle of the ritual. (This part of the story was coaxed out of her later by her husband and other relatives, but she was often incoherent and there were huge lapses in her narrative) 

When her husband came home and saw his wife lying senseless with the holy Koran in her lap, he at once guessed what she had done. He had however no idea how far she had gone. She suffered from high fever for several days and was almost at death’s door more than once. Needless to say the procedure was disrupted and she was never able to complete it. 

When she became well again, her family members noticed a huge change in her behaviour. She used to be very cheerful and friendly, now her demeanour changed to cold and calculating, even sinister at times. She would no longer laugh and enjoy with other women of her age, but sit silently brooding for hours on end. Often her family members would catch her glaring at one of them malevolently. She would lapse into periods of insanity and then she would order others around in a male, guttural voice. Once her mother-in-law had the shock of her life when this lady assumed the voice of the old woman’s late husband and ordered her to fetch a glass of water. Even her husband and her children were scared to be alone with her.

On one occasion my sister was alone late one evening and she was waiting for my brother-in-law, when this lady walked into her house and announced that she would stay with my sister until her husband returned. As many of my brother-in-law’s relatives (including this lady) lived in the same building this was not unusual, but my sister had only been married for a few months, was pregnant and she had heard about this story from her husband. Needless to say she was scared out of her mind and quite relieved when her husband returned shortly.

I heard about this incident around 19 years ago and it has been many years since my brother-in-law has passed away. I do not know what happened to that unfortunate lady and if her strange behaviour still persists.

Another Summoning

Source: Posted by u/ToastThing on Reddit

Anyways, me and my 2 friends, all firmly within our 20’s, start becoming very intrigued by the idea of having our own stupid ritual. So, I get to researching what needs to be done to “summon” our Djinn. i found the instructions on one of those shitty websites that looks like it talks about casting curses, love potions, and shooting fireballs.

From memory, I recall these details from the instructions…

  • The ritual should take place as close to midnight as possible, during a full moon
  • Should have preferably a party of 3 (nailed that bit)
  • We needed black candles, black paint, and a mirror
  • We needed an “item of sentimenal value” to bind the Djinn to. My friend, let’s call him Pat, chose his obsidian-colored Ankh necklace. Go figure?
  • And I remember having to write down and recite Arabic phrases. (For anyone curious, I bet googling “Djinn Summoning ritual” will bring you to whatever livejournal blog that I originally got the instructions from. I’m to tired to do that part myself at the moment.)

Alright, so I remember we waited like 3 weeks before actually getting together to ritualize. We had to get all the candles and paint, but mostly we had to wait for the moon’s cycle to be nearly complete.

But once it was midnight, we sat cross-legged from eachother, lit the candles, and began our first incantation of the Arabic phrase(s). From this point, I believe I then painted on the mirror with the black paint, it was basically more Arabic that I didn’t understand but whatever.

Here’s where shit got weird: I remember, after the painting part (which took a matter of minutes), Pat is supposed to hold out his “offering (the ankh),” recite something along the lines of “O Djinn, please accept this humble offering blahblahblah”, and then there has to be at least a 30 second silence, after which we conclude the ritual by repeating something in Arabic three times.

So Pat offers the humble ankh, and then we sat in silence for a period of time that did seem eerily tense. I probably closed my eyes, because I wasnt looking at either of my friends. When I felt enough time had passed and it was time to wrap things up with the final chant, I look to Randy (other friend) to make sure he’s ready. I see him staring at Pat.

I then look to Pat, and I see him, still sitting up cross-legged, but with his mouth open and his eyes rolled back and twitching a bit. I must’ve thought he was trying to mess with us because I don’t remember the sheer imagery freaking me out, it was when I tried to get him to snap out of it. I said his name a couple times, snapped by fingers, but I had to clap in his face and shout “PAT!” before his eyes rolled back, I saw recognition in him, and we finished that closing chant.

After all was done amd we were cleaning up the painted mirror and candles, I asked him what was going on when it looked like he might’ve been stroking out. He said “I just sort of had this vision in my head of my ankh (necklace) surrounded in darkness, but light started coming out of it and it pushed all the darkness away” (Terribly paraphrased, but thats basically the jist of what he said)

Pretty Weird. Pretty sure we concluded that night by smoking a bowl.

So its been about 3 years since then. Every few months we’d talk about it, I would confirm with the both of them that I wasn’t imagining Pat’s sudden trance-like state. Pat would tell me he’s woken up with a “dark cloud” hovering over his bed a few times, which gradually disappeared as he stared at it. He’s told me that, if this Djinn actually does exist in any capacity, he gets the impression that it gives him dreams, which it then feeds on.

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