Pari – not a fairytale

PARI – Not A FairyTale

IMDB Score: 6.6/ 10

My Score: 8.0/ 10

You know what is the best way to enjoy a movie which is a Masterpiece? Or even any movie at all? I feel when you directly jump into a movie without watching its trailer, without reading any reviews or synopsis or anything at all, that’s when the movie-watching experience becomes the most enjoyable. Don’t you think so? If yes, then stop reading here, watch the movie and come back. Anyways, I’ve gone long enough rambling about things not related to the movie.

Synopsis: A kind-hearted man, Arnab, attempts to help a woman named Ruksana, played by Anushka Sharma, who seems to be a victim of abuse & is found chained in a hut. Arnab soon gets engaged to Piyali but also gets entangled with Ruksana out of a feeling of responsibility. While Piyali is fighting her own demons, Arnab soon discovers Ruksana’s strange demeanour carries a deep and dark secret which might threaten his entire future.  

Ok, I know the synopsis sounds a bit vague and incomplete. I have purposely done that. Let me start with telling you this first – I Love this film I have watched it twice and I only enjoyed watching it more the 2ndtime. It is a PURE GEM of a movie. It has Anushka Sharma’s best performance so far, her best film as a producer and one of the best Horror films ever in general. The movie hit the Jackpot in terms of Acting talent – Rajat Kapoor, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Ritabhari Chakraborty have all played pivotal roles with excellence. 

I am in such a confusion with regards to what to write about this film & what not. There’s so much good about it I want to tell, but I don’t want to let anything become a spoiler in any way for those who haven’t seen it yet. 

The movie perfectly balances light and dark tones throughout the movie. The movie centers around one of the darkest themes ever shown with regards to the satanic cult – Auladhchakra. However, the transition between the light, playful and romantic part of the story and the dark, menacing, sinister storyline is so smooth that it feels perfectly natural. The non-horror part of the story actually helps the plot move along and does not feel as if it’s just there as a filler. 

The movie starts off scaring you quite a lot, but alongside, it also takes you on a beautiful emotional ride. One of the other enjoyable aspects of the movie was the way they don’t tell you everything from the start but just give you subtle hints about what’s happening. The direction is top-notch, and every scene feels straight out of a Classic. The “Azaan” scene & the “Rajat Kapoor eye-cleaning” scene are amongst my favorites. The characters are so well-developed that each character looks fully fleshed out, even the dogs. I’m not kidding, watch it, you’ll understand. 

The horror elements are all present in the movie. A good soundtrack, a scary background score, scary & dark plot, it’s all there. The weakest part of the movie is the ugly witch, the same one as shown in the poster. No, I’m not saying it just because they’re ugly. They have a role to play in the story but it’s not to scare you. The scariest parts of the movie are not the ones in which you can actually see the horror, but the ones in which you can’t see, but just hear It. And sometimes, if you pay attention closely, you might even feel It. The Ifrit

The movie forces you to do that that Bengalis love to do. Think. It makes you ask questions. What/ Who would be able to please a Monster more? Those who are willing to do anything to spread Evil or Them who are willing to do anything to stop Evil. And that takes us the well-heard phrase 

Evil Begets Evil.

But does Love Beget Love? 

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