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The below post is a real-life experience shared on Quora. Kindly read with an open mind & share your feedback if you wish to. However, please refrain from abusing or making negative statements about the person. I have taken the liberty to edit the narrative to make it as concise and short as possible. There are no changes made to the actual content. 

The Haunted Apartment

Earliest Encounters

I live in an apartment with one hall, a bedroom, a Kitchen and of course the toilet and bathroom. I’ll try to paint a picture of my house. When you climb up the steps in our building, the door to my house is on the left side of stairs. Once you enter the door, you’ve entered the living room. Diagonally left to the door (which is in the lower right corner of the house schematics from the top view) is the passage that directly leads to the kitchen. While traversing the passage, on the left side are the toilet and bathroom and on the right is the bedroom.

So basically, if I look out of my bedroom through the bedroom door, I’ll see the kitchen.

And that’s where it all began…

We are Hindus. My Mom was a pious devotee. And this is the incident she told me which happened with her. She was newly married to my dad and shifted to this new house they purchased together. Our building was part of a colony that was being constructed at that time (1980s) in a place where development had just begun. The natives of that place were hunter-gatherer type tribals. This story takes place before I was born when my mom-dad used to sleep in the bedroom. Out of 32 apartments in our building, there were only a total of 4 families residing in our building, leaving 28 apartments vacant. So, you can get a fair idea that the number of people living around us was less. VERY LESS. 

So, as I’ve said before, if you looked through the bedroom door, you could see the kitchen, especially the cooking platform and the window above it. It was barely a month since my parents had moved in and dad would sometimes come home late from work, sometimes as late as 2am. One such night, at around 1 am, my mom was sitting in the bedroom waiting up for dad and listening to radio. Suddenly the radio started making these weird frequency tuning noises and stopped working altogether. My mom used to keep the lights in all other rooms off, except the one she was currently using, to minimize electricity usage & save on bills. Mom thought the batteries must have died in the radio, so she wanted to get spare batteries from the miscellaneous storage in the kitchen. The moment she opened the door of the bedroom, what she saw sent chills down her spine to the very core of her soul. She saw a four-legged entity trying to climb down from the kitchen ceiling on to the kitchen platform. That entity was either fully dressed in white or it was luminescent because it was clearly visible in that unlit kitchen. My mom was brave enough though because she was pious and always had her faith in belief. She immediately closed the door, sat on the bed & started praying. The bedroom door started rattling as if someone is trying to push it open. Mom was no doubt scared but she kept on reciting the chants of Lord Krishna & she didn’t realize when she fell asleep. Soon dad arrived, and she told this incident to him. However, he ignored it thinking it must be her imagination. That night itself, mom started feeling uneasy in her sleep and got up to grab a glass of water and she looked through the bedroom door which used to be kept open if Dad was in the house. She once again saw that white luminous entity, but this time it was standing leaning on the platform of the kitchen like a human leaning against a wall. Mom described it as a glowing humanoid entity but having no distinct facial features. Once again Mom simply went to bed while chanting Lord Krishna’s name. Next day she placed a photo of a saint in the kitchen & since then the entity was never seen again physically, but mom always felt some presence which she told me to be aware of.

The Entity

She learnt that the name of this entity is ‘Magroor’ or ‘the Arrogant one’. It feeds on the life-force/health of living beings be it animals or humans, like some entities feed on fear. It starts off by feeding off on the primary member of the family or the strongest one. For example, in a nuclear family of 3 members, consisting of a husband, wife & a child, it would start feeding off on the husband, then the wife & then the child. 

In case you guys need some proof, we are a Hindu Brahmin vegetarian family. My Dad was a healthy & fit person who used to play state level cricket. A teetotaler & a non-smoker; he died at the ripe age of 54 of Kidney Failure.

After that, within a span of one year, my mom went into a coma without any reason. Again, she was quite healthy & in the pink of her health when this happened. If you guys think that she was depressed due to father’s death, nope she wasn’t. She was the most practical person I’ve come across in my life. She knew she had my responsibility and she took care of her health while being employed with SBI. I’ll tell you how this happened. 

One night after Dad’s death, mom & I were sleeping in the living room. I heard some sobbing & woke up to realize that mom was crying in her sleep. She was asleep but crying. I woke her up & asked her what happened. Her first reaction was “Who are you?”. I was dumbfounded. She couldn’t recognize me, her own son. I tried to remind her but was unsuccessful. I immediately called my maternal uncles and informed them about mom’s state of mind & how she kept asking me to go & leave her alone. One of my uncles came over in an hour with an ambulance and we got her admitted to a prestigious hospital in Mumbai. The moment we reached the hospital, mom who was struggling to get out of the ambulance & fighting, arguing with my uncle (whom she didn’t recognize as well) suddenly fell flat on the ambulance bed & didn’t wake up. Doctors said she had gone into a coma for unknown reasons. All I remember the doctors saying is that her medical reports were completely normal, all her hormones were in place, nothing out of the ordinary, even better than a normal person as my mom was a health & cleanliness freak. Doctors could never find the reason for her going into a comatose state. Weirdest part is that she woke up being her usual self within a week of getting out of that house. Imagine a person just waking up one morning at 7am after having a good night’s sleep. This is exactly how she woke up & didn’t remember the past 7-8 days & neither the fact that she couldn’t remember anyone nore that she was in a coma. 

The weirdest thing she told us was, the last thing she clearly could remember was working in the kitchen when I was away at college in the afternoon. She was totally normal and even the doctors couldn’t believe that how could a person who just woke up from coma miraculously within a week’s time, act as if everything is fine and dandy.

We shifted back to the house in a couple of days from the hospital and mom’s health, this time physical health began deteriorating. She was a healthy person. In over a year, she dropped KGS like it was a joke and next year she died of multiple organ failure. A healthy person, no more just like that.

And during this one year, before her death and her coming out of the coma, mom told me about this entity. I NEVER BELIEVED IT. I could never believe it like any sane person would. But as I said, I was next in line….

My Experiences

And yes, both my parents expired by the time I was 15. Still at that time, I didn’t believe in all of the supernatural stuff and decided to live on my own while studying. I decided to be independent. I made a few changes as per my convenience.

My friends used to come over to my place regularly. It had become our “Adda” to meet up every evening just to relax or chill and talk. One of the changes I made in the house which I want to highlight is the location of the sofa. Earlier it was placed touching the opposite wall facing the main house door. It was placed facing the passage to the kitchen. So now after replacing it’s position, if one would sit on that sofa, he/she could all the way see the kitchen. Besides the sofa there was a small bed on which I used to sleep. We used to have sleepovers at my place every other weekend. Just to be clear, no alcohol was ever involved, it was just us friends watching series, playing games, boys stuff.

I had strictly instructed them to never ever sleep in the bedroom or kitchen. Never explained them why, I always gave them some generic reasons for the same like, I haven’t cleaned the rooms or if we talk in there, it would disturb the neighbours etc. They weren’t bothered to cross question this as well, so everything was going great.

One such summer night we all were up late till 2:30 am and since it was a Sunday the next day, we decided to have a sleepover at my place. So 2 people slept on the chairs, 3 on the sofa and I was sleeping alone on the bed. One of my friends went back home so there were 6 of us. One of my friends let’s call him ‘C’ who was sleeping on the sofa along with other two, couldn’t sleep well because it was crammed and he was feeling hot because I always used to keep the windows closed 24×7. They weren’t lying down, just sleeping in whatever upright position would allow them to sleep. So he woke up and decided to sleep in the bedroom by turning on the AC. We all were in deep sleep by then. At around 7 in the morning, one of my friends had to leave due to some emergency and the rest of them decided to go along with him except ‘C’ who was sleeping in the bedroom. So without waking me up they just left and I didn’t really pay any attention because this sleepover thing had become kind of a routine. They all thought that ‘C’ must’ve left early without waking anyone up. Nobody knew he was sleeping in the bedroom with the door closed and AC on.

I woke up at around 10 am and wanted to use the washroom, and to my surprise it was locked from the inside. I could feel the cold air from the bedroom which was now open. I asked loudly if anyone was using the washroom, and C responded that he is using it. I was a bit surprised but then again was accustomed to this randomness in my house. Later we went to have tea and while talking with C he sounded grumpy and a little pissed off. I asked him what’s up and these are his words and I quote,

“Arey these f%&#s didn’t let me sleep peacefully man. I went in to sleep at around 4 in the bedroom and they kept on knocking the door, I even opened the door twice and checked on you guys in the living room, but everyone was pretending to be fast asleep. I thought someone is trolling me, so I couldn’t sleep well at all. Now I’ll have to go home and sleep again”.

I immediately understood what was going on. None of my other friends knew he was sleeping in the bedroom, neither did I. I asked him if the knocking was constant, he said it was happening at regular intervals. I just said OK and didn’t discuss this further with anyone. Later that evening I asked the rest of my peeps if they knew that C was sleeping in the bedroom, they all unanimously said NO. Infact they were under the impression that he must’ve gone home early since he had a bike and lived hardly 5 minutes from my place.

Now a little about me. Everyone on my mom’s side of the family is chubby and healthy. So was I, so was mom. This kind of being fat is genetic. I was around 95kgs when mom died. Then within a span of 1 year, I dropped down to 58. Kgs. I had become skinny , weak, drooping, I started having a massive hair fall problem, and there’s so much more….but still I would never believe in what mom said.

But this following incident changed my perspective and made me leave that house for good…

I decided to make a few changes in the house to make it look better. So I replaced some furniture and changed the placement of a few things here and there. I used to sleep in the living room as well even after mom‘sdemise. So, one such thing whose place I moved from its original place was the photo of that Saint from the kitchen. I had removed it all together and placed it in the bedroom besides the idols of other Gods. The very next day all hell broke loose. I went to college in the morning and I used to give my house key to the neighbor aunty before I left. When I came back home in the afternoon, I went to my neighbor aunty to ask for the key. These are her words

“Aree? Tu abhi aa raha hai? Toh fir thodi der pehle tere darwaaze ka open-close hone ka aawaz suna who kya tha? Mujhe laga shayad tuje door kholne mein dhikkat ho rahi hogi, toh maine kholke dekha toh tabhi andar se door pull hone ka awaaz aaya. Isliye muje laga tu aagaya hai.”

Translation: “Huh? You’re coming now? Then sometimes back I heard someone opening & closing your door, what was that? I thought maybe you were facing some issues in opening the door, so I opened my door to check when I saw someone closing the door from inside. So, I thought you’ve already arrived.”

I was shocked to the core on hearing this….

So, I told my neighbour aunty that no I arrived just now and to accompany me to open my house door. She realized I was scared and shocked, so she called another guy from our building and we 3 went to open the door of my house suspecting that there were thieves.

Now I’ll explain what’s on the door inside my house. There is a lock and there is a latch. The lock can be opened from outside with the door key, but the latch is just a primitive ‘slide in the slot’ mechanism which needs to be done manually from inside the house. It is exactly like the one in this image.

Now I opened the door lock with the key, and tried opening the door, but it wouldn’t open. All 3 of us tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open. Then we resorted to brute force, and it made a loud commotion thus a lot of people from the building came to see what was going on. They were made aware of the situation and everyone was on edge. I tried breaking the door open and after a lot of pushing and ramming, the door finally opened with a thud and something came off the door. Yes it was the latch that was still in its female socket as the whole thing broke and fell off.

Someone/Something had locked the door from inside the house. To our horror, every window in the house was wide open, my childhood photo which was hung tight on the wall since the past 20 years in the living room had fallen down and broken, yes…the photo itself was torn to shreds, not just the glass that was broken, the chairs and dining table were upside down and there was nobody in the house as we suspected. You must be thinking that the thief must’ve had escaped from the window. Let me tell you my windows have metal grills on the outside which are designed specifically for antitheft….everyone who saw the condition of my house at that time, were convinced of something supernatural did this.

Next day I went to live with my maternal uncle at his house and I’ve been staying here since then. I’ve gone back to my usual chubby genetic physique. But I know a day will come when I’ll have to shift back to that house again…. God help me then…

I’ll share my then and now pics. You’ll get a fair idea.

THIS pic above is the normal me. How I am supposed to be and how I was.

The following pic is of when I was affected…by whatever was going on in that house. (This pic is from the infamous bedroom). It is kind of blurry but it helps me in putting my point across.

And this is me now, not fat or chubby but properly maintained and physically fit.


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