Sleeping Beauty

Ayush was busy playing Mobile Legends. He suddenly got a ping from his girlfriend, Janvi, on Whatsapp. He thought about ignoring it, but suddenly an image of The Exorcist popped into his mind, which served as a strong metaphor of her state the last time he had ignored her. Common sense prevailed, and he replied back immediately.  


What are you doing sweetheart? 


Just getting ready to sleep


I’m missin u so much… 


Didn’t we spend a whole day together sometime this week??? What day was it? 

Oh yea… T-O-D-A-Y


But it feels so long ago…


Yea..more like 1 hour, 20 minutes & 30 seconds ago…Long long ago…


Aaaa…..stop bein so sarci wid me… U know I love you naa.. (Brahmastra attack) Don’t you love me too?????


Ofc I Love You too…

1 Hour 50 minutes later


You’re too sweet, Janvi. Chalo anyway, I’m too tired babe, I’m gonna sleep 


Nooooo….Not Janvi…I told u na, call me Jaanu. 

& you gonna sleep so soon? Without talking to your jaanu??? 


No no, it’s just that my eyes are all red and swollen. I’m so sorry, I know I should’ve waited till blood poured out of them before thinking about sleeping. 


Hahaha… you’re so funny…

Goodnight…..sleep tight…muwaah muwaaah


Gn babe. Muwaah muwaah.

Whew!!! FINALLYYY…. He couldn’t believe it. It had been increasing every day, the time they chatted. He was nearing his patience limit. But he also didn’t want to hurt her…Anyway, his friends might still be playing. He went online, hoping to get a game or two of Mobile Legends before sleeping.  

It’s my life…It’s now or never… I ain’t gonna live forever ….I just want to live while I’m aliveIt’s my…

His phone voiced his thoughts in the form of a ringtone. It was ringing.


A: What happened?

J: Nothing. You said you wanted to sleep? 


J: I saw you online on Mobile Legends. 

A: (That’s the 4th time she’s stalked me) That must be my friend Marc. He must be playing from my id. I’m not playing, Jaanu. I just wanna sleep. 

J: Ohh…is that so? Good, then sleep. 

A: (hurriedly) Yea. Gn again..bye by…

J: WAITTTTT…don’t disconnect, I wanna watch you sleep. 

A: Wattt??? Ooo…u mean you’re feelin naughtyyy?? Do you want me to….

J: No no no… nothing like that. I just wanna see you sleeping. You look so cute while sleeping. 

A: Umm…Okkayyy… if you say so. Gn.

He gave up. He knew there was no escaping now. Maybe she was doing it just to keep an eye on him. Or maybe she really wanted to do just that;








It all started soon after Ayush had gifted her the ‘Twilight’ series of books; supposedly ‘every teen girl’s must-read Bible’, as her best friend had told him. She’d been behaving weird ever since he had gifted her that cursed thing. She had been obsessed about it. She had made him carry her at one of their recent outings, saying,

It would be so romantic if you could carry me like Edward carries Bella”.

He had ended up with a bent back for 2 days after that. Then there was the time when she had taken him to the terrace and put Silver Sparkle all over his face and hands. Then she had asked him to stand in the sun at which she squealed with pleasure. 

He didn’t want to go down that memory lane. There were many other such incidents, not all so harmless. But besides all that, she was still lovable, Ayush thought to himself. Likeable actually. Or rather, Tolerable.

In either case, he was left with no other choice at the moment. He had to go to sleep. He felt a bit awkward for some time but thought she would soon enough get bored and go to sleep herself. Taking comfort at that, he fell fast asleep within a few minutes. 

3:10 a.m.

Ayush’s throat felt parched. He opened his eyes slowly and woke up from his slumber. He looked at his wall-clock. It was 3am. He looked around for the bottle of water he always kept by his bedside. Suddenly, he glanced at his phone propped up on a stand on his bedside table.

He found his girlfriend’s face glued onto his screen, staring at him with unmoving, unblinking eyes. As he looked closer to check if the phone had not got hanged maybe, she slowly smiled at him. He was so terrified that he jumped up from his bed, snatched the phone from its stand and switched it off immediately.

Few days later, Ayush and Janvi broke up. Janvi was ecstatic. She started searching for her Jason, whom she could love so that Ayush would eventually come back to her. Obviously it all made perfect sense. Just like the books.

You know what I mean.

P.S. Based on a true story. Don’t ask whose.


No, obviously it’s not my story.

How do I know these details?

Well, my friend told me. Stop… Coming back to our topic for the week. You should go check that out. And the other pages on the blog too.

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