A Curated Collection of Stories and Teachings of Sanatan Dharma.

My take at cracking the Secrets of the Universe. One step at a time.

Bhagavad Gita


Who are You?

What will be your answer? Your name? Profession? Family name? Caste? Religion? Nationality?

You can give 10 different answers but you’ll still be wrong. Even if you somehow get the right answer to this question, is it still enough? Knowledge is incomplete without understanding and implementing. Bhagavad Gita has the answers to all the difficult questions of life. IF only we know how to look for them.

Let’s try and learn, understand and implement these lessons in life.

Sanatan Stories

1 – The Messenger

Stories about Love, Magic, Science, Prophecies, Dharm, Revenge, Karm, Penitence and much more. Stories from the Sanatan Dharm, that which has neither a beginning nor any end.


Stories about Magic, Science, Prophecies, Revenge, Penitence & Love. Stories from Ancient India presented in a modern way.

Reader reviews for my Horror Stories

Manali Shah

“Never was a fan of horror but became one.. Very well written horror stories, gave me a scare, though I had a lot of fun too reading them. P.S. Don’t read it at night.”

Leeana Jones

“Awesome page. i love horror and any thing to do with paranormal things or UFOs”

Natarajan ANC

“Very good quality writing. Witty and interesting, keeps you hooked. Definitely one of the best horror-movie reviewers I’ve seen. Keep it up

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