Part 1 – The Messenger

“Jai Shri Krishna…” chanted Scientist Dhama, before starting his experiment. He was known to be an extremely eccentric and ironic character by his peers. Being men of science, they were mostly atheists or simply agnostics. However, on the other hand, Mr. Dhama, was completely opposite to them all. Not only was he deeply religious, but some of his peers wouldn’t think twice before saying that his belief bordered on blind faith.  

He was working on the principles of Noetic science, the power of the collective mind. His thesis on the power of beliefs, thoughts and the impact of intentions on physical world was one of the most controversial topics amongst the scientific societies of the world. Even his experiments on the subject had attracted quite a bit of ridicule. On the other hand, he had received strong support from men of high authorities in different faculties of society; men such as Maharishi Patanjali of the Yogic sciences & Dharmacharya Guru Prabhupad of the Sanatan Society.  

Sh. Dhama had worked for years on his research and was now nearing its completion. Contrary to his peers, he not only used scientific texts left behind by his predecessors, but even used religious texts lent by his supporters from the Sanatan society to further his research. His belief was that science and religion were deeply entangled and much of the scientific principles could be understood simply by understanding religion better. He believed that the Gods had left behind the Vedas, Puranas & Upanishads and other religious texts with the objective of furthering our knowledge of life and the secrets of the universe. He had discovered many of the scientific principles known to mankind, hidden in these texts. He worked consistently with the Yogic Sciencs society and the Sanatan Society on newer ways of intermingling scientific principles into religious rituals and daily practices. He knew that was the best method to inculcate good scientific practices into the life of the common man. 

Much of his research was based on the life and works of Krishna as described in the Bhagavat Purana, Harivamsa & Vishnu Purana. His dedication to science was eclipsed only by his devotion to Lord Krishna. More people knew him as Krishna-bhakt (devotee) Shri Dhama than those who knew the Scientist Dhama.  

“Jai Shree Krishna…” intoned Sh. Dhama once again, as he finished writing the results. After years of hard-work, he had finally concluded his experiments and learnt how to channel the power of energy & thoughts. He knew he had discovered just the tip of the iceberg.

Only the Trimurti could easily access and tap into the True Power of the universes. And his Lord Krishna, of course. Though it was passed off as divine magic and miracles by the common man, Shri Dhama was working hard on understanding the secrets and principles behind them. He was also aware of the implications of even the tip of the Power that he had tapped into. Lost in his thoughts, just as he was about to change out of his lab-clothes there was knock on his door.

He opened the door to find a man dressed in bright orange clothes in the way of a Rishi, with a youthful exuberance on his face,his hair tied in a small bun at the top of his head & a tanpura slung behind his back while a pair of khartals were bound by his waist. As soon as Shri Dhama was done inspecting the odd appearance of his visitor, the man gave him a warm smile and asked, “Won’t you invite me inside, my friend?” 

“Pranaam maanyavar…I’m sorry I’m not very good at remembering faces… perhaps if you could tell me your name, it might help me remember.” Shri Dhama apologized while gesturing the man to come inside. 

“Do not apologize, my friend. Perhaps my traditional way of greeting might help you recognize me. Let me greet you properly this time…. Naarayan, naarayan…” 

Dhama immediately understood who it was and touched the feet of the man on his door. Narad Muni, the Messenger of Gods & the son of the Creator of the Universe, Lord Brahma blessed Dhama & proceeded to inform him the reason of his visit. 

“You have been chosen Shri Dhama. Time has come for you to earn the reward of your utmost devotion. You have to deliver a message to your Lord Shri Krishna.” 

Overcome with emotion, Dhama couldn’t express his gratitude and joy on receiving the news, but his eyes were brimming with tears. Narad Muni, understanding the reason for Dhama’s silence & tears, smiled kindly. 

“Come, Dhama. I must guide & escort you to meet your Lord.” They walked outside as Narad Muni briefed Dhama about the details of their undertaking. 

Narad Muni led Dhama to the open grounds near Dhama’s laboratory. Out of nowhere, he summoned a magnificient vessel with a simple command ‘Narayan, Narayan….’

Dhama was yet to recover from the news of finally meeting his Almighty, however the appearance of the vessel awakened the scientist inside him. He started bombarding the sage with questions about the principles of flying and the air-vessel designing. The vessel took off towards its interstellar destination – Gaulok; the realm of cows. 

As soon as the scientist in Dhama was assuaged, he was again filled with pleasure & joy at getting to meet his Lord Krishna. He couldn’t stop singing praises of his Lord and kept regaling Naradji with tales of His feats and miracles even though he knew that Naradji himself was one of the biggest devotees of Lord Vishnu, of whom Lord Krishna was an avatar. After a while, he realized he had lost track of time completely to the point that he couldn’t tell if he had spent a few hours on the flying vessel or many days. He decided to ask Narad Muni about it. 

“Naradji, how much longer? Is Gaulok in our solar system? Or is it in some other nakshatra (constellation) altogether? I can’t wait to meet my Lord.”

Naradji laughed in answer, “My dear friend calm down. We have reached Gaulok already, while you were telling your last story. I did not want to interrupt you in between your praises for the Lord.”

“We have reached? But where is it? All I can through this large glassfront is an infinite space with unknown heavenly bodies around us? Where is it, O learned sage?”

“It’s right in front of us, my friend, but hidden from view. Only the true devotee would be able to see it with the right words.”

 “You mean like a password? Like a catalyst? I know what it should be. JAI SHREE KRISHNA. JAI JAI SHREE KRISHNA.”

“Well you are only half correct, my friend. You can’t call upon the Lord with only half his name. You must say JAI RADHE-KRISHNA.” 

Dhama was stunned. He couldn’t believe his ears. How could he take someone else’s name before his Supreme Lord Krishna’s? And that too of Lord Krishna’s lover? It was blasphemy. It was derogatory, absolutely intolerable. His Lord was the Almighty and nobody deserved greater respect than him. He refused Naradji to speak anyone else’s name before the Lord’s. 

Naradji however, knew the mission was at stake. Also, he knew it was not his place to explain things to Dhama. He spoke loudly into the void “JAI JAI RADHA-KRISHNA & suddenly out of nowhere a world came into view below them. As they lowered the vessel to the ground, the beautiful Gaulok came into view. 

To Be Continued – Part 2: The Experiment

The above story is inspired by a popular TV series called RadheKrishna.

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